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Enabling Technologies to Overcome Challenges

Each Gamma Biosciences company is doing critical work to help solve modern biopharmaceutical, cell, and gene therapy manufacturing challenges. Our team will work with you to solve single unit operation challenges or help implement a scalable commercial manufacturing process.

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Mirus Bio pioneered scientific breakthroughs in non-viral gene delivery and continues to produce industry-leading transfection reagents. As we expand our expertise in nucleic acid delivery, we give life scientists the most advanced tools for gene expression, biotherapeutic protein production, virus manufacturing and genome editing.

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BioMagnetic Solutions has developed advanced immunomagnetic cell separation systems using nanoscale ferrofluids for highly specific cell selection and other bioseparation applications. The BioMagnetic Solutions true ferrofluids provide high surface area selectivity without the need for columns and expensive consumable sets. The ferrofluid based affinity sorting reagents can be integrated into single-use magnetic separation platforms (FerroSelect) at research, clinical, and commercial scale.

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Nirrin Technologies provides the next generation of sensors and analytics that enable bioprocess automation with real-time, in-process monitoring for upstream and downstream applications for the biopharma and life science industries. Nirrin enabling technology utilizes breakthrough analytical methods to deliver accurate, reliable, and simple-to-use solutions to reduce costs and time-to-market while increasing process control and data insights.

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Univercells Technologies is a global provider of innovative biomanufacturing technologies to achieve cost-effective viral production from R&D to commercial scales. The company offers a comprehensive technology portfolio leveraging the strengths of process intensification and chaining as a direct answer to the growing demand of viral vectors and viral vaccines.

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Astrea Bioseparations Ltd (formerly Prometic Bioseparations Ltd) has long been established as an expert in affinity chromatography and bioseparations. Our custom services include ligand design, adsorbent development, large scale adsorbent manufacture (up to 1,000L batch sizes) to GMP standards and GMP Ready pre-packed columns.