January 15, 2021

Gamma Biosciences to Acquire BioMagnetic Solutions, Adding Novel Immunomagnetic Cell Separation Platform to Bioseparation Portfolio

Gamma Biosciences to Acquire BioMagnetic Solutions

MENLO PARK, California, January 15, 2021 – Gamma Biosciences, a life sciences tool platform created by KKR, has agreed to acquire State College, Pennsylvania based, BioMagnetic Solutions (BMS), a next-generation cell selection and bioseparation technology company.

BMS has developed advanced immunomagnetic cell separation systems using nanoscale ferrofluids for highly specific cell selection and other bioseparation applications. The BMS true ferrofluids provide high surface area selectivity without the need for columns and expensive consumable sets. The ferrofluid based affinity sorting reagents can be integrated into single-use magnetic separation platforms (X-GRAFFE™) at research, clinical, and commercial scale.

“We are excited to enter the next phase of the BioMagnetic Solutions journey and continue our progress in supporting efficient selection and manipulation of specific subsets of therapeutically valuable cells using our next-generation ferrofluid affinity reagents,” said Paul Liberti, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of BioMagnetic Solutions. “With existing GLP grade reagents being developed to integrate into a robust cGMP platform, we believe this technology will be able to ultimately support rapid development efforts for new cell and gene-based medicines at scale.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Paul and the BMS team to Gamma. This acquisition highlights our focus on investing in innovation-driven companies with the potential to enable the next generation of manufacturing for advanced therapies,” said Matt Gunnison, President of Gamma Biosciences. “As part of Gamma Biosciences, BMS will have access to the support and resources required to further develop and commercialize X-GRAFFE and the full range of its immunomagnetic separation offering,” added Gunnison.

The company will operate independently but will leverage Gamma’s other operating companies, Astrea Bioseparations and Univercells Technologies. Together, the companies will deliver an increasingly comprehensive range of solutions for the industry.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Paul Liberti and Ted Liberti, BioMagnetic Solutions has grown by leveraging Paul’s 30+ years of successful development of magnetic separation platforms for cellular applications, including CellSearch® (acquired by J&J/Veridex and now part of Menarini-Silicon Biosystems). Dr. John Kemshead, co-inventor of DynaBeads® , joins the expert team at BMS, collectively making more than 100 years of clinical cell separation experience accessible to customers across a wide variety of applications. The company is currently based in State College, Pennsylvania and plans to relocate within the Cellicon Valley region (Philadephia) in the next year.

About Gamma Biosciences

Gamma Biosciences is a life sciences tools platform created by KKR. Gamma’s mission is to build a leading player in next-generation bioprocessing for advanced therapies by acquiring high-potential businesses with outstanding technology and accelerating their growth. For more information about Gamma Biosciences, please visit www.gammabiosciences.com.

About BioMagnetic Solutions

BioMagnetic Solutions’ focus is cell selection and bioseparations for clinical CAR-T cell & gene therapy cell (CGT) product manufacture. A pioneer in bioseparations, BioMagnetic Solutions’ platforms and products leverage next generation nano-magnetic ferrofluids that enable superior performance compared with existing immunomagnetic cell separation systems. For more information about BioMagnetic Solutions, please visit www.BioMagneticSolutions.com

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1. DynaBeads is a trademark of Thermo Fisher

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